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Block Printing and Tie - Dye Workshops

Block printing is an ancient technique of printmaking over cloth and paper. This art form is very popular in Rajasthani textiles - bed sheets, quilts, tapestry, upholstery and even garments. Small palm sized wooden blocks are made and traditional motifs and patterns are carved out on them. These are then dipped in dye and stamped onto the tightly spread out piece of cloth. This traditional art form has become very popular all around the world and large consignments are shipped every day to various destinations by the exporters from Rajasthan. We take you to a work shop where you can see the detailing and nuances of this beautiful art. You must try your hand at printing a scarf or a shirt / skirt for yourself too.

Another very popular printing art form from Rajasthan is the tie and dye or bandhej where patterns are created by tying sections of the cloth into tiny knots and dipping it in different coloured dyes. These tiny knots are tied and untied to make beautiful dye patterns. The artisans can guide you to dye a lovely silk kurta as a souvenir for yourself.

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