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Film Shoots

Rajasthan has always been a land of intrigue, mystique and beauty. All these features are captured in films so beautifully. The state continues to beckon the creative population from all across the globe. Be it history or natural wonders, film makers are drawn to the beautiful state of Rajasthan like a moth to the flame. The vast Thar Desert adds a character of its own to any film that is shot there. We at Rajasthan Routes Trails have a dedicated Film Shoot team that assists the wandering film makers in deciding upon a location, getting the necessary approvals and permissions, providing accommodation, logistics and arranging for the equipment that has to be procured locally. The team is aware of all aspects of film making and understands the film jargon that you communicate in. This makes your work much easier and smoother. Arranging for costumes and jewellery locally is just a phone call away for this expert team. We specialise in all sorts of film making; be it a documentary, a feature film, commercial, promo or a still shoot. Camels, horses, vintage cars and local folk dance / music artists, all can be arranged as per your requirement. So just bring your story, and leave the rest to us!!

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