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Home Stay

The latest entrant who is becoming very popular these days in the world of hospitality is the concept Homestay. This is a trend that is catching up fast every where across the globe. Guests prefer to stay in a homely environment, close to the culture of the place, having home cooked meals and getting to know another family. The added bonus is that home stays fit into the budget for everyone. For the host it is a source of additional income besides getting to befriend somebody from a totally different culture. We have a list of “approved” and “attested” addresses that we recommend for a homestay. These have been shortlisted based on our personal experiences keeping in mind the hygiene, privacy and safety for the guest and also the congeniality of the hosts. The second attribute to selecting these places is the attestation they receive from our guests who have stayed with them.

A traditional Rajasthani home has the culture of waking up early and after quick morning ablutions would get into prayers before breakfast. The family members then leave for their respective schools / colleges / offices. All the meals are cooked at home with freshly procured vegetables and stored condiments. Rajasthan still has many families that believe in getting their spices ground at the right season and store for the whole year to use. You will instantly know the difference by just the aroma and taste of the delicacies prepared with these spices. The culture of eating out is not so popular among traditional families and men and children carry their lunch from home itself. You get to see a family that uses all the modern comforts available but still are in touch with their traditions.

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