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Rural Stay

They say that if you really wish to understand the culture of a country, then visit the country side. Rajasthan has many villages which still bask in the glory of their rich traditional and cultural heritage. Untouched by modernity (though the basic facilities of sanitation and electricity and water supply have reached here), the inhabitants of these villages are very hospitable and friendly people. They open their doors to welcome the global traveller who wishes to see and experience their culture closely. Here you will see an eclectic mix of rugged terrains, harsh weathers but happy and content faces. Visit their farmlands with them on camel carts, break a bread while sitting on rugged mud floorings and help them feed and graze their cattle. Learn a few traditional stitches from the women who embroider their odhnis and shawls themselves. The village cuisine is hot and spicy and served right next to the kitchen. Enjoy your meals with chunks of home-made butter and glasses of fresh butter milk (chhachh). Trust us to ensure you leave these villages with happy memories, new friends and an enriched outlook towards life.

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